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Amazing vegetables #3 Barley Grass

julio 20, 2017

Amazing vegetables #3 Barley Grass

It deacidifies the body, removes toxins and heavy metals, keeps you fit and has a rejuvenating effect. Discover the green LYO barley grass organic powder which offers a green cure for the body and the spirit.  
Everyone loves green, vivid grass. It makes you think of a picnic, inviting you to take some rest in the summer. Green meadows, with cows lying lazily and slowly chewing on grass evoke a sense of calm and sweet idleness. Fluffy rabbits nibbling on young blades of grass also love green. Young barley grass is great for your health: it is a green, body-cleansing bomb.

Go Green!

Young barley grass contains more beta carotene than carrots, more calcium than milk, more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than spinach. But what is “more” here? The point is that by consuming a certain amount of the green young barley grass powder (we recommend 1 tablespoon of organic LYO barley grass powder a day), you provide yourself with a higher dose of vitamins and minerals, which better meets your body’s daily demand for nutrients contained in the products mentioned above: milk, fruit and vegetables.


With the pollution of the environment we live in our body cells accumulate toxin and heavy metal molecules. Cells die and mutate, and their regeneration process is disturbed. We lack energy, our skin looks bad and our overall wellbeing leaves much to be desired. The green LYO powder made from organic, young barley grass works miracles in strengthening your body. The easily absorbable vitamins and minerals reach the body's cells wherever they are needed. The zinc, selenium and copper have a strong cleansing effect. They bind heavy metal molecules and remove them from the body. The chlorophyll and beta carotene support the cleansing processes, because they have a beneficial effect on the liver -  which is the organ responsible for removing toxins from the body. Young barley helps maintain a proper acid-base balance. It is very important for athletes and people exposed to stress. 

ABC of Health

The wealth of B vitamins, easily soluble in water, aids the nervous system. Young barley is distinguished by a very high content of vitamins C, A, D and E. These are the “youth vitamins”, with very strong antioxidant properties. Younger cells, achieved by supporting the body’s system used to generate new cells, are essential to stay healthy.

Keep Calm

The recipe for health is quite simple. Eat wisely, strengthen your body with exercise and stay fit using science and logic. First of all, you have to "relax", let go sometimes, and stop worrying about things that aren’t really that important. Don’t let trifles stress up your life. The human body has an excellent regeneration ability. Just listen to it. It will fix and heal itself, if you allow it to. We’re not encouraging you to stop seeing your doctor, when needed. It's more about keeping your balance every day. Prevention is better than cure, so we encourage you to provide your body with the right dose of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the functioning of your cells.

The green LYOFOOD powder consists 100% of organic, young barley grass. Just one tablespoon a day helps to provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. The lyophilization process developed by LYOFOOD preserves 98% of nutritional values of fresh plants. Owing to the powder form, a concentrated dose of essential substances can easily reach your body cells Enrich your diet by adding young barley to your drinks, shakes, smoothies and cocktails to feel the power of green renewal. Enjoy!

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