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Amazing fruits #3 Cranberry

enero 19, 2017

Amazing fruits #3 Cranberry


It's a common fact that cranberries, like all fruits, are very healthy and you should eat them. But do you actually know why? Here are some facts about the health benefits of cranberry from our nutrition specialist.

Cranberries have been known as a strong bactericide since many years. They have been used in treatment of urinary and kidney infections. The secret is the compound called proanthocyanidins. Its functioning is simple and effective. It precludes the bacteria to cling to the cell-walls, in consequence inhibiting their growth.

Pregnant women can safely ingest the cranberries as a prophylactic measure. Thanks to it, they decrease the bacteria's growth in urinary system, which can endanger the mother and the baby.  It is a good cure in cystitis, when the risk of urethral infection is significantly high. 50-year-old men are subject to prostate hypertrophy. That is why the fresh cranberry, freeze-dried cranberry or juice should be an element of every man's daily diet.

All year round for everyone! Increase the intake in the spring or autumn, after intensive physical activity or during an infection.

Everyone appreciates the beneficial functioning of cranberry and its antioxidants. We need them especially in periods of reduced immunity. Human body can defend itself against viruses or bacteria. The only needed thing is the natural „protective shield”- antioxidant compounds. Research estimates that cranberry may be beneficial in prevention of caries and also in peptic ulcers of stomach and duodenum. It can inhibit the development of Helicobacter bacteria. It also helps in treatment of angina pectoris, cold and hypertension or liver diseases. Adding freeze-dried cranberry into daily diet, one should be aware of doing it slowly, otherwise it can cause the irritation of gastric mucosa of duodenum. We recommend to add 2 tablespoons of LYO cranberry powder into shakes, fruit smoothies (the best option is to use plain juice, not dairy one).


Anthocyanin, flavonoid glycosides and phenolic acids are other difficult names, but you should know that they are very influential compounds existing in the cranberry. They are responsible for the inhibition of the tumorigenesis process. Their functioning is powerful. Conducted researches have been working on using those special and natural chemical compounds as a potential chemoprophylactic treatment. Results are really promising.


During the season we have fresh and organic cranberry, but not all year round. LYO Cranberry is perfect for use during that time. LYO Powders are made of 100% freeze-dried organic fruits and vegetables and nothing else! This process enables keeping all original vitamins and minerals in the powder. Cranberries contain all vitamins from group B as well as folic acid (B9), and also vitamins E, A, K, C. It is a source of minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Through our technology, 98% of these compounds are maintained.

LYO Cranberry owes its taste only to natural sugars, whereas dried cranberry fruits contain even 46% of refined sugar. What is more, they also contain sunflower oil and citric acid. Look for the products without taste additives or preservatives. In supplements based on cranberries, except powdered cranberry, one can find filling materials (e.g. cellulose), raising agents ( e.g. sodium carbonate), active substances (e.g carboxymethylcellulose sodium salts,  amorphous silicon dioxide) and colorings (e.g. Titanium dioxide, carminic acid). You cannot make a pill without it. But do we actually need this? Certainly not.

Freeze-drying process of organic fruits guarantees safety and ensures ecological diversity of vitamins and minerals. Add to yogurt, cocktails, tea and enjoy the real cranberry taste.

Consulted with nutrition expert Ewa Ceborska-Scheiterbauer.

LYOFOOD press materials

Recipe for CRANBERRY CHEESECAKE by Aga Poltorak

Ingredients for the base:
  •      160 g of digestive cookies or other whole grain biscuits
  •      30 g butter, melted

Put biscuits and butter into a food processor and mix until it gets smooth as wet sand. Put the baking paper in the cake tin of 26 cm diameter. Sprinkle cookies on the paper. Align, just pat the bottom of the mold. Bake at 175 degrees C for about 10 minutes. Remove, cool slightly during the time of preparation of the cheesecake mass.

Wrap the form twice using aluminum foil - cheesecake is baked in a water bath.

Ingredients for the cheese cream:
  •      1000g fat cottage cheese, or semi
  •      4 large eggs, 1 yolk
  •      200g caster sugar
  •      250ml whipping cream
  •      2tbs potato starch
  •      Salt
Ingredients for cream:
  •      250g mascarpone cheese
  •      300g sour cream
  •      2tbs caster sugar
Ingredients for decoration:

All ingredients should be at room temperature.

In a small pot mix the heavy cream with LYO Powders and bring it to boil.

Put all the ingredients in a mixer bowl. Mix to combine, but do not mix for too long, so you do not aerate the curd - aerated cheesecake grows strongly and then falls. We do not want this; cheesecake should be equal to the table after baking.

Pour the cheese on the bottom of the biscuit and bake in a water bath* at 150 ° C for about 45-55 minutes. The entire surface of the cheesecake should be baked and beheaded at the touch stick. If necessary, allow a slightly longer cooking time. After baking, remove the water bath and remove the cheesecake on the counter to cool. Cool overnight in a refrigerator - after that it becomes cheesecake suitable consistency.

For the cream, mix all ingredients in an electric mixer on high speed. The cream should be smooth.

The next day, remove the cheesecake from the mold surface of the cheesecake, spread with cream and sprinkle LYO Blueberry Powder and LYO Wild Berry Mix Fruits on top.

Bon appétit!

* The aqueous bath is that form of cheesecake put into a larger form, or a heat-resistant vessel, to which boiling water pour half height form the cheese mass. The cheesecake is baked with steam, and therefore at very high humidity. With steam,  the cheesecake is baked equally everywhere, even in the middle; does not crack after baking and preserves perfect, creamy consistency.

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