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Amazing fruits #1 Strawberries

September 28, 2016

Amazing fruits #1 Strawberries

Have you already started missing strawberries? We too! Season is over, but the freeze-dried strawberries picked this summer on our own fields are still with us!

There are many varieties of strawberries and this delicious red berry is one of the most popular in the world. The most common species is the garden strawberry - Fragaria ananassa - which is actually a cross between Fragaria virginiana from North America and Fragaria chiloensis from Chile, and was first bred in France in the 18th century.

Known as the "Queen of Fruits", the strawberry is not only delicious, but has also important nutritional values.

Ranking in the top of fruits for its antioxidant power, which fights free radicals, it protects against inflammation, cancer and heart diseases.

LYOFOOD company is working close together with nutrition experts. Our latest lab check revealed that one tablespoon (6g) of LYOFOOD freeze-dried strawberry powder represents 25% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which is 80 mg for an adult.

Except being an excellent source of vitamin C, strawberries provide as well a good dose of fiber, folic acid and potassium.

"Dietary flavonoid intake, especially berry flavonoids, has been associated with reduced risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in large prospective cohorts. Few clinical studies have examined the effects of dietary berries on CVD risk factors. We examined the hypothesis that freeze-dried strawberries improve lipid and lipoprotein profiles and lower biomarkers of inflammation and lipid oxidation in adults with abdominal adiposity and elevated serum lipids." * In other words, it helps you lose weight:)

Did you know

The red color of strawberries is due to high amounts of anthocyanins, but the presence of anthocyanins is not always assimilated with the red color. The anthocyanins also give color to blueberries, but the difference in pH makes them...blue.

The seeds that strawberries have on the outside are actually the plants ovaries.

It's very easy to incorporate strawberries into your diet. LYOFOOD organic strawberries are grown only seasonally on the company's own fields. They are carefully picked and freeze-dried. Through the freeze-drying process, the berries keep 98% of all their nutritional values. They maintain their original shape, color and taste. More about the freeze-drying process here.

We recommend using sliced freeze-dried strawberries for breakfast or for making desserts. The powder form is perfect for making delicious shakes and smoothies. Check out more recipes here



Strawberries by Martin Welsh

*Freeze-Dried Strawberries Lower Serum Cholesterol and Lipid Peroxidation in Adults with Abdominal Adiposity and Elevated Serum Lipids, by the American Society for Nutrition, the Journal of Nutrition 2014

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