Stew with Pearl Barley

Category: lactose free, meat

Type: Main Meals

It's stew time!

In this well balanced recipe all ingredients work perfectly together. Tender pork pieces, healthy pearl barley and vegetables in a creamy sauce gives you a good portion of energy for your next step. Enjoy this meal!

We are cooking before freeze-drying.
We do not put any poison into our meals: no artificial additives, no extra sugar, no palm oil, no preservatives !
Our meals are made from 100% natural ingredients and some of them are growing on our own fields.

We produce with LOVE! Enjoy our products!

Ingredients & nutrition values

pearl barley* 30%, pork ham meat 28%, vegetables in varying proportions 20% (carrot, onion, red bell pepper, parsley root, green peas) wheat flour* 2%, canola oil, sweet paprika, herbs, potato flour, salt, pepper
Nutrition facts
Per 100g Per serving 83g (370g rehydrated) Per serving 112g (500g rehydrated)
Calories 1698 kJ / 403 kcal 1409 kJ / 334 kcal 1902 kJ / 451 kcal
Fat 10,1 g 8,38 g 11,31 g
of which saturates
3,35 g 2,78 g 3,75 g
Carbohydrates 36,8 g 30,54 g 41,22 g
of which sugars
4,7 g 3,9 g 5,26 g
Fibre 7,77 g 6,45 g 8,7 g
Protein 37,4 g 31,04 g 41,89 g
Salt 3,2 g 2,66 g 3,58 g

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