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Ines Papert

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Ines Papert is one of the world's most prominent ice climbing expert. She was four times Ice Climbing World Champion in difficulty and won 3 times World Cup Overall Titles. Ines is also the first woman in history to have completed the infamous route, Mission Impossible, a M11 ascent.

She proved to be equally strong on rock. She made ascents on some of the hardest routes in the Alps with ascents of Symphonie de Liberte 8a on the Eiger Northface, Last Exit on Titlis 8a+/b and Pellisier 8b on Grande Cima de Lavaredo.

snowy incline Ines Papert Ines Papert on mountain top

 In April 2013 Ines Papert, Lisi Steurer and Patrik Aufdenblatten made the first ascent of Azazar (400m, 8a) up the Tadrarate rock face in Taghia, Morocco. On 13 November 2013 she made the first ascent of the hitherto unclimbed Likhu Chuli I (6719m) in Nepal, also referred to as Pig Pherago Shar.

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