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Immunity Box

This is immunity treatment to boost your immune system.
Rich in vitamin C, iron and anthocyanins.

We have prepared two sets for you. STARTER to begin your 10 day treatment and REFILL set to continue for next 20 days.

STARTER set includes everything you will need for a 10-day treatment based on our organic powders and smoothies.
Inside the box you will find elegant SIGG bottle, immune drink recipe developed by our experts, treatment details and of course LYO POWDERS.

REFIL set contains doubled amount of LYO POWDERS and allows to continue immunity treatment for another 20-day.
Immune drink recipe and treatment details included.



Lyofood organic Blackcurrant Powder



Blackcurrants are incredibly rich in vitamin C which helps the human body develop immunity against infectious agents. It is normal practice to increase the consumption of vitamin C in the body during infections and after surgery. The human body is not able to make vitamin C on its own and it does not store vitamin C. Therefore, it is important to supplement your daily diet with foods rich in natural vitamin C.

Lyofood organic Raspberry Powder



Health properties of raspberries are determined mainly by ellagitannins, which are active in both fresh and processed fruits. In addition to the antioxidant compounds it also has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Raspberries are rich in calicylic acid, which is responsible for diaphoretic properties.


Lyofood organic Aronia Powder



Aronia berries are one of the most valuable sources of anthocyanins in nature. These substances help to protect DNA against free radicals and may have anti-carcinogenic properties. Aronia berries are known for their beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system by strengthening the walls of blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis and heart disease. It may also have an effect on the normalization of blood pressure.

Lyofood Red Smoothie



INGREDIENTS: organic strawberry, organic blackcurrant, organic cranberry, banana, peach

Strawberries, blackcurrants and cranberries are rich in vitamin C, which have very strong antioxidant properties. Furthermore, berries have a large amount of polyphenolic compounds, which also have high antioxidant power.


BPA & EA free, leak proof, recyclable bootles.
Swiss design, german made.

We have equiped these elegant SIGG bottles with mixing balls that helps you to mix all ingredients of your drink or smoothie. Thanks to surgical steel balls all ingredients are mixed to smooth, great-tasting drink.

All bottles comes with swiss engineered top which allow one hand operations - opening, closing and sealing the bottle. If you need even faster and hands-free opration we have two others active tops by SIGG you can choose from.


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