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Can you imagine that food would not be available at one point?

What if floods make streets uncrossable? Avalanches cut off cities from the outside world? A power break out paralyzes public infrastructure and supplies? Or there’s quarantine due to an epidemic. Not to mention war or nuclear threat.

or learn more about our EMERGENCY FOOD

What kind of food you should look for while making your provisions?

  • Nutrient-rich and healthy
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Edible without cooking
  • Not requiring special storage conditions
  • Compact and convenient to store
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Long shelf life

Sounds impossible?

Not really! Here are some ready to eat freeze-dried meals, which our company has been producing for 25 years. These meals not only meet all the listed criteria, but are also 100% natural and tasty. We have choices for vegetarians and vegan, as well as for people with gluten or lactose intolerance. Our products have gained the reputation of being the tastiest outdoor meals on the market, winning several international awards including the Gold OutDoor Industry Award.

LYOFOOD Awards ISPO Outdoor Industry Award

We are working close with the world’s best athletes who use our products in extreme conditions. Our meals have reached the highest mountains, crossed the biggest deserts and sailed the longest regattas. It does not matter if it is extremely hot, cold or wet. Thank to our technology the products keep the vitamins and nutrition values in all conditions.

LYOFOOD on Greenland expedition Greenland

LYOFOOD meals in one of the most remote places on earth.

International Greenland Expedition

Ines Papert Ines Papert

Four time Ice Climbing World Champion Ines Papert and Mayan Smith-Gobat dining on the wall during climbing one of the most extreme alpine routes.

"Riders on the storm"
Torres del Paina, Patagonia

Volvo Ocean Race Around the world Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the most demanding, most admired and most inspiring yacht races on the planet

Our meals are easy to prepare under any conditions - just add hot water, they will rehydrate and become just like a normal homemade dish.

LYOFOOD fast and easy to prepare

In case of catastrophes it can come to blackouts and shortage of water supply. Our meals are precooked and can be eaten also without adding any water in case of emergency.

Pork in dill sauce

Image of our Pork in dill sauce meal before adding any water.

Gourmet cooking

Before freeze-drying our meals are meals are regularly cooked. As a result we get the fine taste of a genuine homemade dish.

Penne Bolognese

Image of our Penne alla Bolognese meal before adding any water.

Our food is safe! The products are tested several times in our in-house laboratory and in an external lab.

safe healthy food

LYOFOOD's ISO certified facility and the in-house lab assure the highest safety standards.

In certain situation trash disposal may not be possible. To avoid additional garbage, our meals can be eaten directly out of the pouch. The tinny bag is all the is left behind.

safe packaging

We've composed 2 emergency sets based on our own quality food that proved it's reliability in the most demanding conditions.

If you prefer you can compose EMERGENCY MENU yourself using our broad selection of freeze-dried products available online.

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