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Freeze-dried breakfast: Blueberry & Fig Porridge

LYOFOOD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zagnańska 97A
25-558 Kielce, Poland

Types de produits: Breakfasts


One of LYO’s greatest superstars. An absolute favorite not only among our customers but also among our ambassadors. Truth be told, we’re not surprised. Gluten-free oats cooked in coconut milk and combined with blueberries from the mountains, chia seeds, and a touch of agave syrup to make it sweeter but not overly sweet. Rounded off with chunky fig slices. LYO Blueberry & Fig Porridge will provide you with long-lasting energy for the day ahead, whether you're heading to the mountains or running errands in the city.



gluten-free oats 53 %, coconut milk 36 %, agave syrup, figs slices 4 %, chia seeds 1,5 %, blueberries whole 1 %.



per 100 g One serving
energy 1960 kJ / 469 kcal
fat 21 g
of which saturates 15 g
carbohydrate 54 g
of which sugars 20 g
fibre 11 g
protein 10 g
salt 0,02 g


1. Open using the notch above the string. 2. Remove the oxygen absorber 3. Add hot boiled water - you will find the amount of water on the product label and the corresponding help line inside the pack. 4. Stir thoroughly. 5. Close and wait 9 minutes 6. Open the zipper, stir again and enjoy!

Shelf life: up to 3 years from the date of manufacture Store tightly closed to keep out moisture.

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