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Freeze-dried breakfast: Apple & Cinnamon Porridge

LYOFOOD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zagnańska 97A
25-558 Kielce, Poland

Tipo: Breakfasts


A match made in heaven! Especially in the colder months, few things are as comforting as the classic flavor combo of sweet apples and cinnamon. We also had to include it in our offer, combining it with coconut milk, gluten-free oats, chia seeds and cranberries to create a warming breakfast with a delightful aroma. 100% organic ingredients without any artificial additives make our porridge taste like you have just prepared it at home, but thanks to our freeze-drying technology you can enjoy it anywhere.



gluten-free oats* 53 %, coconut milk* 37 %, agave syrup*, apple cubes* 2 %, chia seeds*, cranberry slices* 1 %, cinnamon* 0,3 %.

*organic farming product



per 100 g  70 g (One serving)
energy 2015 kJ / 483 kcal 1410 kJ / 338 kcal
fat 24 g 17 g
of which saturates 18 g 13 g
carbohydrate 51 g 36 g
of which sugars 18 g 12 g
fibre 12 g 8,1 g
protein 9,7 g 6,8 g
salt 0,04 g 0,03 g


1. Open using the notch above the string. 2. Remove the oxygen absorber 3. Add hot boiled water - you will find the amount of water on the product label and the corresponding help line inside the pack. 4. Stir thoroughly. 5. Close and wait 9 minutes 6. Open the zipper, stir again and enjoy!

Shelf life: up to 3 years from the date of manufacture Store tightly closed to keep out moisture.

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