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Nina Caprez

Nina Caprez autograph

Nina grew up in a small village in Switzerland named Küblis. She was a bit different girl who fully enjoyed her life and was always about sharing her passions and experiences with others. She was 13 years old when she started climbing. She was more and more passionated about this discipline and  with 17 she began taking part in climbing competitions.

Nina Caprez climbing in the mountains

She went through world championships, boulders competitions and alpin … She got inspired herself with all arts of climbing. In 2009 she climbed 150 meters high ‘ultimate demence’ in Verdonschlucht and than she realized where she belongs to - the alpin style of climbing is all about Nina’s style.
mountain incline Nina Caprez two people climbing
From this day Nina became one of the best female climber in the world. Each year she climbs new routes, each one is more hardest and more extreme, like: Hotel Supramonte (250m- 8b), Delicatessen (150m- 8b), Silbergeier (200m- 8b+) or Carnet d’Ardesse (200m- 8b+).

Nina Caprez climbing Nina Caprez
Her passion about climbing has no limits.

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