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Maciek Ciesielski

Maciek Ciesielski autograph

Maciek Ciesielski – climbs since 1997 and has made a lot of climbs, some of the new routes in Europe, Alaska, Greenland, Patagonia, USA and in the Himalayas.

climbing a mountain ice-climbing

An UIAGM guide and alpine instructor, Maciek is also volunteering as a mountain rescuer and is editor of the magazine “GORY”. He has been working as a technical advisor for over 10 years now for ARCTERYX, PETZL and FIVE TEN, being part of their athlete team.

snowy mountain face snowy mountain range

He made it to the top of El Capitan with two disabled people. In 2012 he climbed to the top of the Nameless Tower in Pakistan, being part of the second Polish team to have reached the summit. Maciek is spending his time between Zakopane and Chamonix and considers himself a happy husband of Kasia and father of Helena and Jan.