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Fabian Lentsch is a 22 year old professional big mountain skier and mountaineer from Austria. Born and raised near Innsbruck in Völs, a city in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. This provided him with an awesome surrounding for skiing and mountaineering. At the age of 12 he found his passion for freeriding, 3 years later he won his first two big mountain competitions as the youngest participant and got picked up by his first sponsor, Scott, at the age of 15. Today, when he is not skiing at home, he is traveling all over the world with filmers and photographers to explore new ski destinations. That has taken him to places like Canada, Alaska, Norway, New Zealand, South America, Turkey, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Georgia and several countries in the European Alps. 

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He summited Mont Blanc at the age of 13, skied the southernmost 6,000 meter peak in the world, Chile’s Cerro Marmolejo, skied Pik Lenin (7130m) and climbed Khan Tengri (7010m)
in Kyrgyzstan.

Last year Fabian decided to drop out of the Freeride World Tour to focus on filming and exploring new regions and terrain all over the world. Over the summer of 2015, Fabian bought an old 4 wheel drive firetruck and rebuilt it into the perfect freerider’s ride to be able to head out into the very remote mountain regions of these countries. Fabian invites some of the best big mountain skiers of the world to accompany him on different stages of this first trip, which leads him and his companions into an adventure to the Balkan, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

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