Five-Spice Chicken

Enjoy this mouthwatering Asian style dish!

- Luka's favourite meal -

Tender chicken pieces cooked with Chinese spices and vegetables, from bamboo shoots to jelly ear mushrooms, soybean sprouts, red bell peppers, zucchinis, carrots and leek. Everything served with basmati rice. Mouthwatering!

We are cooking before freeze-drying.
In our pouches, there are no artificial additives, no extra sugar, no palm oil and no preservatives!
Our meals are made from 100% natural ingredients and some of them are growing on our own fields.
All our products are produced in our facility in Poland.
Shelf life: 5 years


rice 39%, chicken breast fillet 34% (cubes), vegetables in varying proportions 21%, (Mung bean sprouts, red bell pepper, red onion, jelly ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, carrot, leek, onion), potato flour, salt, soy* sauce (soy* beans, salt, wheat* flour), spices.
Nutrition facts
Per 100g Per serving 82g (370g rehydrated) Per serving 110g (500g rehydrated)
Calories 1630 kJ / 385 kcal 1337 kJ / 316 kcal 1793 kJ / 424 kcal
Fat 3,3 g 2,71 g 3,63 g
of which saturates
0,73 g 0,6 g 0,8 g
Carbohydrates 58,4 g 47,89 g 64,24 g
of which sugars
2,2 g 1,8g 2,42 g
Fibre 3,56 g 2,92 g 3,92 g
Protein 28,6 g 23,45 g 31,46 g
Salt 3,5 g 2,87 g 3,85 g

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