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BISTRO Christmas Set

Lyofood sp.z.o.o
ul. Olszewskiego 21,
25-663 Kielce, Poland

Type: sets

Inspires relaxation

An autumn-style oatmeal, a healthful dish made with parsnip, and two all-time favorites from distant corners of the world. This Christmas Set is an excellent gift idea for all busy bees always on the go, and those who love weekend getaways outside of the city. Treat them to a moment of relaxation and an amazing culinary journey with our four nutritious, vegan BISTRO MENU meals.


In this set:

★ Organic Porridge with cranberry, Apple and Cinnamon
★  Parsnip & Lentils in Mushroom Gravy
★ Organic Chana Masala
★ Organic Moroccan Stew


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