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Christophe Bichet

Christophe Bichet

I practice climbing on an international level since 15 years. Professional climber and coach, I am also a lecturer and mental trainer for the French climbing team. Apparently an individual sport, I regard climbing more as a collective ART: a ‘I made it” is always a “We made it”.

mountain face

I have a rare genetic disease, the Fanconi disease: bone marrow transplant, many cancers, limited life expectancy... Being a “professional ill person” transforms the relation to existence. I had to learn to strongly grab my holds, release them when I had to receive news, stay solid, precise and mobile on my foundations.

Christophe Bichet climbing Christophe Bichet an incline

My project is simple but very ambitious: pass on the most effective philosophy, techniques, mental and physical strategies, deriving from high performance sport to a public of company directors, managers and decision-makers.

My conferences have as subject the performance, the management of the surrounding environment and the development of forces:
•    Challenge the “gravity”
•    An ill life? Expressing for (re)constructing, in spite of adversity
•    Playing with challenges

Christophe Bichet holding a speech

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