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Andrzej Bargiel

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I was born in 1988 in a small village in southern Poland. From early years I was always looking for adventures. My relationship with skiing started at the age of nine, when I trade my table tennis racket and a pocketknife for a pair of 190 cm long skis and oversized boots…

Andrzej Bargiel snowy mountain ridge

I'm a three-time world champion in ski mountaineering. Elbrus Race 2010 - I won in Extreme category with the time 3.23.37. I beat previous Denis Urubkos record from 2006 by over half an hour. Mine has not been beaten till this day.

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Shishapangma Ski Challenge was the first expedition of Hic Sunt Leones project ended with a great success. I climbed solo the peak and was the first Pole in history to ski down from the summit of the 8000. Manaslu Ski Challenge was the second part of Hic Sunt Leones project. It's goals were speed climbing and ski decent - both achieved. Two world records were set - fastest climb from base camp to peak in 14:05 and base-peak-base in 21:14.

Andrzej Bargiel Andrzej Bargiel in the Himalaya

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