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Let's cook something up together

juillet 06, 2017

Let's cook something up together

Let’s cook something up together! Together, we can do everything! Our new project received the OUTDOOR Industry Award 2017 in Friedrichshafen, Germany at this year's edition of the international OutDoor fair.
How did we surprise the jury?

From the very beginning, our company, our approach to business and development have been about what we are. Everything we do is based on our passion. It organically blends in with the incredible tangle of everyday life. Let’s cook something up together! It’s not a marketing ploy but a new business model, a form of cooperation with our ambassadors. For many years, we have been supporting athletes, travelers and enthusiasts who follow their path. We admire their commitment, determination and strength to overcome new challenges, their amazing character and the joy they do all that with. They are a great example of how life can be and is a fantastic adventure, full of joy and surprises, difficult decisions, ups and downs, and each day is different from the previous one, bringing new hope.

Food for the body and spirit.
Food plays a very important role in our lives. We are uncompromising about health and safety so our meals, on top of the perfect taste, are perfectly balanced. High in the mountains, after a hard climb, during a heavy cruise or after a rainy and exhausting run in difficult terrain, a quickly prepared, warm and delicious meal is a blessing. When your body is finally at rest, your breath slows down and emotions subside, you and your friends can sit at a meal to talk about what you have accomplished and gone through. Things like eating together, a happy return to the base and sharing emotions with other people give you joy and stir up a very positive attitude.

Spirits rise when you’re together.
Whatever your do in good company is a hundred times more interesting and enjoyable. We have decided to make our meals together with our ambassadors, according to their recipes and favorite flavors, so that we can all enjoy them with our friends on expeditions or trips. With these meals, all  those who like to spend time outdoors and run away from the urban hustle will get a chance to taste what our friends and ambassadors like.

Sharing is caring.
Sharing is caring for other people. The ownership of a finished meal, as a product, is shared. This means that when the product hits a store shelf and is sold, part of the profits will always go to the owners. In the profit- and popularity-driven world of advertising, successful athletes get revenue-generating contracts. But when a slump in form or an injury happens, or anything else in the athlete's life excludes them from the winning circle, they lose popularity. Sponsors back out exactly when they are needed the most.


The result of our project will be a unique menu of individual meals created with our ambassadors. First meal will be coming soon...stay tuned!

The passion we share allows us to create extraordinary things. True friendship is forever. That is our project.  


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